Washington 10 dehydration towers

DTE Midstream is one of the largest Gas Storage operators in North America.


DTE Energy is one of the largest storage operators in North America, with ownership of 230 Bcf of capacity located in close proximity to demand centers. DTE Gas (“the LDC”) owns 139 Bcf, DTE Midstream owns 91 Bcf. The DTE Midstream group provides a variety of storage deliverability services to other utilities, gas power plants, industrials, marketers, etc., utilizing its 91 Bcf of storage. Our most recent product innovation offers hourly balancing and deliverability services for power plants.

Natural gas storage serves a critical role in maintaining the reliability of North American supply to meet the seasonal, daily and hourly swings in customer demand.  These assets allow gas customers to inject into storage during lower demand periods, typically from early April through October, and then withdraw from storage to meet heating demand as it spikes during the winter time. We expect that our gas storage will increasingly serve the sudden swings in electric demand as old coal plants are shut down in favor of new, efficient gas plants and intermittent renewable generation (wind and solar).  Natural gas storage also serves as insurance against any unforeseen events or other occurrences that may affect the production or delivery of natural gas.


We use existing natural Niagaran reef structures, combined with cutting-edge technology, to create high deliverability storage reservoirs. This formation is 3,500 – 4,000 feet below ground, far below the groundwater table around 120-150 feet.