Millennium Pipeline

263-mile Interstate Pipeline   |   Corning, NY to Ramapo, NY

Hancock Compressor Station

Valve site

Compressor station blowdown silencer

Pipeline path through a wooded section of upstate New York.

Millennium Pipeline
  • Millennium Pipeline

The Millennium Pipeline, consisting of a 263-mile interstate pipeline and compression facilities with 84,000 horsepower installed, is strategically positioned to serve utility and power plant loads across New York state as well as into New England and has become a crucial path to market for the Northeast Marcellus, allowing producers to tap strong utility and end-market customers. The Millennium Pipeline is designed to deliver over 2.0 Bcf per day. It is jointly owned by subsidiaries of DTE Midstream (26.25%), TC Energy Corporation (47.5%) and National Grid plc (26.25%) and is operated by TC Energy Corporation.  For more information, visit

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The 263 mile Millennium Pipeline helps to meet the growing demand for clean natural gas across New York state, including New York City.

Help Us Improve Safety

Monitoring our transmission pipelines is an important part of our safety program.

If you detect any safety issues, leave the area immediately without trying to locate the source of the leak, and call 800.835.7191.

For additional recommendations, please visit the Millennium Pipeline safety website.