AGS & SGG – the Link System

Natural Gas Gathering   |   Northern West Virginia and Southwestern Pennsylvania

AGS’ Daybrook compressor station

Construction of SGG’s Columbia Pipeline interconnection

Field Technician taking pressure read

Pipeline welded and ready for burial

link lateral
  • AGS & SGG – the Link System

The Link Lateral and Gathering system consists of the Appalachia Gathering System (AGS) and Stonewall Gas Gathering (SGG).  This system includes a high-pressure header system which connects to two interstate pipelines, Texas Eastern Pipeline to the north and Columbia Pipeline to the south, as well as various in-field gathering systems, supporting many of the largest producers in the SW Marcellus and the dry Utica.  AGS is wholly owned and operated by DTE while SGG is majority owned and operated by DTE.  Link is operated out of our Morgantown, WV office.

Link Lateral & Gathering serves dry gas production areas in northern West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania.


If you detect any safety issues, leave the area immediately without trying to locate the source of the leak, and call 800-363-9541.