Generation Pipeline

25-mile Intrastate Pipeline   |   Greater Toledo, Ohio

Generation Pipeline map
  • Generation Pipeline

The Generation Pipeline, consisting of a 25-mile intrastate pipeline, is designed to deliver approximately 355 MMcf per day of natural gas to customers in the Greater Toledo area of Ohio. The Generation Pipeline currently interconnects to the ANR Pipeline and the Panhandle Eastern Pipeline. The Generation Pipeline is 100% owned by the NEXUS Gas Transmission Pipeline, a joint venture between Enbridge Inc. (50%) and DTE Midstream (50%) and is operated by Enbridge Inc.

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Generation Pipeline is located in the Greater Toledo, Ohio region.

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Monitoring our transmission pipelines is an important part of our safety program.

If you detect any safety issues, leave the area immediately without trying to locate the source of the leak, and call 844-589-3655.