DTE supports federal and state safety regulations. This initiative enhances our existing safety practices to further ensure community safety and the integrity of our transmission pipeline system. Certain areas of our transmission pipeline could be identified as high consequence areas. The U.S. Department of Transportation defines these “identified sites” as follows:

  1. A building that is occupied by 20 or more people five days a week for at least 10 weeks in any 12-month period; for example: religious facilities, office buildings, community centers, retail stores, etc.
  2. A facility occupied by persons who are confined, have impaired mobility or would be difficult to evacuate; for example: hospitals, prisons, schools, day-care facilities, retirement homes or assisted-living facilities
  3. An outside area or open structure occupied by 20 or more persons on at least 50 days in any 12-month period; for example: beaches, playgrounds, recreational facilities, theaters and stadiums.


Tracking new developments along our pipeline routes is an important part of our safety program. You can help by alerting us to any “identified sites” in your area. Simply complete in the notification form.

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