• Partnering With Landowners
    and Customers

Whether it’s developing new infrastructure or operating existing assets, at every level DTE Midstream aims to protect the needs of landowners, our customers and the communities where we work and live.

Building Pipelines, Forging Relationships

Trust and open communication is the foundation of any mutually beneficial relationship. That’s why we work closely with landowners as we plan new pipelines that might affect or traverse their property. We initiate communications early in the development process, even as we’re mapping a route and weighing environmental implications.

Take a look at what our stakeholders on the NEXUS project have to say:   NEXUS Stakeholder_video


Collaborating With Landowners

Part of the development process may involve the option to purchase some of the landowner’s property or create an easement that allows for construction and operation of the pipeline. Throughout the entire process, we address any questions and concerns with landowners, ensuring all parties have a clear understanding of the project.

Committed to the Community

All DTE projects begin at the neighborhood level. We strive to minimize any affect the project may have on people, property, air quality or noise levels. Once the work is finished, we ensure the land is restored as quickly as possible.